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The first phase of "Chinese Corner" was successfully held by the College of Transportation Engineering and International Student Education Center


In the afternoon of May 23rd, college of transportation engineering was invited to participate in the first Chinese and foreign students' "Chinese Corner" activity in order to enhance the interaction and communication between Chinese and foreign students and broaden the students' international vision. This event was held in the first floor hall of the international student education center. Students from different countries experienced Chinese culture and learned the expression of Chinese in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Chinese students have shown great enthusiasm, inviting foreign students to communicate in groups, and talking about their schoolwork, life planning, anecdotes from college life and the cultural characteristics of various countries. With the help of Chinese students, the students who have come to China for only two months have learned to introduce themselves in Chinese. The Chinese and foreign students exchanged the way of contact and made a deep friendship. The activity scene was full of fun, full of happy laughter, and every participant was immersed in a friendly atmosphere.

This "Chinese Corner" activity helped foreign students to solve the problems encountered in their daily life, set up a platform for the exchange of Chinese and foreign students. We believe that under the active participation of the students, foreign students will feel the warmth of home in DMU.

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