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College of Tansportation Engineering and Trawind Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. Carry Out School–Enterprise Cooperation


In order to further promote the employment of college students, strengthen cooperations with enterprises in the field of professional construction, personnel training, scientific research and other aspects,College of Transportation Engineeringand Trawind Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. launched a cooperative negotiation in the sailing building in May 25th. Shao Guang, deputy secretary and vice president of the College of transportation engineering, and Ma Ruixia, director of recruitment of Trawind Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd., participated in the meeting.

Ma Ruixia introduced the business field and development status of the company, and then introduced the co-construction agreement of the school-enterprise cooperation, including the construction plan of the school-enterprise practice base, the training program for the school- enterprise cooperation, the culture festival and the double election. Shao Guang expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Trawind Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd., and the support for the school- enterprise construction plan, sincerely inviting Trawind Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. to participate in the college's employment mobilization meeting. Finally, the participants discussed the details of the co-construction plan of the school-enterprise practice base.

The College of Transportation Engineering has always attached great importance to the cooperation between school and enterprise, and actively explores the educational model of the joint training of talents by school and enterprises, and constantly endeavors to cultivate high-quality and comprehensive talents with innovative spirit and practical ability.

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